Buy here Pay Here Financing with National auto sales

How to get started

1) Do an application online or in person


2) Wait for phone call/email from salesperson

3) If approved or requested then bring in documents to the store or submit with online application or click submit documents anytime you want later on using the submit documents link.

1) Proof of income such as paystubs, etc. 2) Proof of residence like a recent bill or piece of mail 3) Drivers License

4) Come in and pick out a vehicle

5) Finance will go over loan with you

6) Get full coverage insurance

7) Sign the paperwork

Online delivery is also available.

Start application now


(You can bring in your documents with you or upload with the online application or upload through this link anytime before coming in. Up to you)

When you come in make sure to bring or upload documents anytime later

Recent paystubs and any other proof of income you have

Recent proof of residence(utility bill, cell phone bill, etc) Basically just need to verify you live where you say you live so something showing name and address that is recent

Valid GA Drivers License


Submit Documents

Why finance with National auto sales


We sell the vehicle as well as loan the money for the vehicle. This offers more flexibilty with credit and your overall situation.


We report to Equifax each month. Having an auto loan on your credit that is in good standing or paid off can be a huge boost to your credit score.


Most lenders that finance bad credit charge 22% to 30%. We are under 20% on all our loans. This translates into huge savings for you and lower payments or shorter term.


Our loans run from 3 1/2 to 4 years. Since our vehicles run under 16k and our interest rate is lower this allows a loan to be paid off quicker without having high payments.

Why buy with National auto sales


The majority of our vehicles run from $399 to $999 down. That's pretty amazing! We also offer pick payments if you are short on the down payment. With around $500 you can drive away in 95% of our inventory. You don't need a large down payment to get into a quality vehicle.


If you don't have the full down payment that is required for you or the vehicle you are looking at then you can pay the rest within 30 days. Down payments are not set in stone either. Each deal will be customized to your needs and budget and a pick pay allows you to drive off for less down.


You can buy partially or completely online. You pick the vehicle you want and you can come test drive then go home and we will deliver to you or you can pick the vehicle you want and salesman will test drive, take videos, etc. We will then complete everything online and deliver vehicle.


All vehicles we buy are free of salvage, mileage altered and major damage. We then send to our service shop where it undergoes a full inspection and repair to get it ready to sell. We then tack on a awesome warranty in case there are any issues after you buy so not stuck with repairs.

National auto sales advantage

  • Low Downs
  • Lower Interest rate
  • 3 1/2 to 4 year loans
  • Approvals done here
  • Payments done here
  • More flexible with credit
  • Report to Equifax
  • High quality vehicles to choose

Why In-House Finance is better

Buy here-pay here has a negative term but it doesn't have to be. Every dealer is different. We are not your typical buy-here pay-here. We are more an independent dealer that just happens to do there own financing. Our quality of vehicles are much, much higher than what many people associate with a buy-here pay-here dealer. Just because we are a buy-here pay-here doesn't mean you get a negative experience. In fact, in many ways dealing with a dealership that does the financing as well has many advantages especially with bad credit loans. It allows us to be more flexible with credit and down payments and to be more flexible with peoples situations.